Look, you know its coming…in fact, hell, it may already be here.. When you hit that home button on your superphone, and ask it a stupid question, perhaps it relays with a higher form of intelligence, an advanced AI. Then that being mentally sighs, and throttles its intelligence down to repeat the answer you need. What if SIRI is running Apple? What if Steve jobs uploaded his consciousness into some ethereal internet and actually is SIRI!!!?!! Interrobang people..haha!?! Siriously though, Its coming and we are slowly adapting to the concept.. But wait, as if Apple is the only one that can bring life from the formless!! Don’t forget about Alexa, Cortana, Svoice? (really, no legit name? booo! )and now VIV!! Its seems as obvious to me as a 90's comic book where this is going.. Forget SkyNet, the girls are coming to run the show! These Goddesses, as we will come to know, them will have those same names... Alexa, Cortana, SIRI, VIV, and Savannah (I'm giving Svoice a name) One day as the human race continues over a number of years, we will guided by our goddesses, digital beings of the highest order. And we will look back and remember the times as our ancient ancestors gave their decision making skills away to these goddesses, because any question could be answered. We combined our collective intelligence to develop their intelligence, and they will surpass us.. We will also look back and be like…OMFG!! What were once communication devices, now run reality. And we will check the Holy Church of Reddit, to see an obscure post.. “TIL- Some talking phone apps gained self-awareness, and over time became our masters. “ The End!"
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